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Why Is O’Reilly Attacking Amanda Terkel for Highlighting His Rape Comments?
Posted on March 24th, 2009 by ZP Heller

Bill O’Reilly took his history of harassment to a deplorable new low last weekend. He sent FOX producer Jesse Waters to ambush Think Progress’ Amanda Terkel for highlighting O’Reilly’s outrageous comments about the rape and murder of Jennifer Moore in the context of his recent appearance at the Alexa Foundation for rape victims. O’Reilly clearly said–and there’s audio proof–that Moore and women who dress in a certain way and consume too much alcohol basically bring rape upon themselves. But did O’Reilly bring up those atrocious comments on last night’s show? Hell no!

According to Terkel, “Here are the two things that O’Reilly conveniently left out of his segment:”

His Original Comments. O’Reilly said that he posted the full Aug. 2 interview about Moore on his website. (It’s here.) But he did not repeat his comments on air, nor did he try to defend them — perhaps recognizing that they are indefensible. These comments elicited outrage from more than 900 signatories to a petition by the Concerned Citizens Against Sexual Violence.

His Harassment. O’Reilly never mentioned to his viewers how he scored that interview with me. He never contacted me for a statement or the chance to appear on his show before deploying his harassment machine. Instead, he sent his producers to stake out my apartment, follow me for two hours, and accost me while I was on vacation in Virginia (and the least prepared to recall a post I had written three weeks earlier).

So O’Reilly had Waters stalk and harass Terkel while on vacation; accuse her of dishonesty for not recalling there and then an unrelated part of that radio segment regarding Mel Gibson’s drunken anti-semitic comments (which O’Reilly actually compared to Moore’s rape!); and then used this video to continue his delusional beef with NBC. O’Reilly even managed to include GE and Iran in the same conspiratorial breath. Now you tell me who’s in dire need of a “Reality Check?”

The fact remains that O’Reilly has a long, sordid track record of harassment, both on air and in his personal life. He clearly has no regard for people’s right to privacy, and he thinks these phony “gotcha” moments constitute quality reporting and journalistic accuracy. It’s high time the world stopped watching O’Reilly altogether and forced him to switch off the harassment machine. Until that day arrives, you can send Jesse Waters an e-mail at Jesse.Watters@FOXNEWS.COM. And as John Amato suggests at C&L, if you ever find yourself ambushed by an O’Reilly henchman, just repeat the words “Andrea Mackris.”

  • hmmm for some reason they both liking it,

  • I agree on this statement.

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  • chuck

    billy is in evil sob. i hope he falls in a puddle of aids!

  • Because O'reilly is a moron ?!

  • crow

    O'Reilly is clearly the most arrogant . sexist . racist human being in the current media machine. His tactics are meant soley to serve the propaganda of the facist regime aka the GOP. He preys on the fears of our elders and the ignorant.

  • Brian

    Just typical of you leftist, you cant discuss facts cause you listen to what these morans tall you with their slant, the only way you can get back is by calling people names. Did any of you go to college or study history, I doubt it. Maybe its time for all of you to realize your the ones being driven to these lefty ideas by the likes of George Scoros and the other communists! You all need to grow up and smell the coffee our country is going down hill thanks to you idiots!

  • WM

    "the only way you can get back is by calling people names."

    "and the other communists! You all need to grow up and smell the coffee our country is going down hill thanks to you idiots!"

    No, YOU need to grow up and smell the coffee and realise that you are a hypocrite. Bill is the only one to cut people off on that show and he does it constantly. Can't discuss facts? You're joking.

  • Nathan

    And if we all think like you and agree with Bill O'Reilly, then all of the problems in the United States will cease to exist, right? Because the conservative perspective is the only perspective and anyone who disagrees is "communist" and "anti-American" and whatever right-wing bullshit buzz words you chose to use in your arguments. Which isn't to say that the left is perfect because they aren't. Just like any philosophy, both the left and the right have flaws and weaknesses. But you and people like you on either side of the political spectrum simply throwing blame to the other side for all of America's problems is meaningless and counterproductive. Why don't you instead come up with a legitimate argument, state it intelligently, and try to find a solution through civilized discourse as opposed to the low brow name calling and finger-pointing?

  • nolan

    Bill is the scum of the earth....embodies all that is wrong with the world and more importantly this country

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