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Olbermann And Garofalo On Tea Bagging Tea Parties, Ignorance And Racism
Posted on April 22nd, 2009 by Cheryl Contee

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Janeane Garofalo just laid it out. Made it plain. I totally agree with her that what’s at the heart of these protests and name-calling is fear of a black president. IMO, all this ballyhooing calling Obama “fascist” and “socialist” and “communist” adds up to a bunch of ignorant, frightened white people (and that’s all there was at these poorly attended tea parties it was plain to see) who, en masse, see a big black man who happens to be president crossing the street near their collective cars and have decided to roll up their windows and lock their doors. And call the cops. Terms like socialism and collectivism equal nothing more than a ridiculous, sad and unjustified fear that: “A black man is president and he’s going to take away my money and social privilege and give it to niggers who don’t deserve it. Eeek!”

CNN reporter Susan Roesgen has taken some flack, but she’s my hero. She bravely exposed the hypocrisy, artifice, paradox and poor logic behind what the tea party protestors were saying. She never got an answer to “why do you think Obama is a fascist”? That’s because there is no answer. These people know it’s socially unacceptable to espouse racism openly and so all of this, ALL OF THIS, is an elaborate canard intended to allow expression of fear, ignorance and hatred safely.

It’s helpful to see white people begin to acknowledge this, too. That’s ultimately what will push back the surging tide of hatred because there are still some white people in America (ahem, tea partiers) who only believe other white people when it come to labeling racism. Janeane is so worth watching. Go on girl.

From WowOWow:

Comedienne Janeane Garofalo held nothing back while discussing the “tea parties” with Keith Olbermann last night. Though the parties’ organizers claim they’re protesting taxes, Garofalo insists they’re nothing but “tea-bagging rednecks” who are simply motivated by “hating a black man in the White House.” She went on to say that participants “will believe anything you tell them, as long as it’s not the truth.” The truth, she claims, “confuses them.”

Olbermann basically agreed.

(Also on Jack and Jill)

  • Vicente Duque

    Fox News Menu :

    Fox News offers these Gourmet Dishes for consumption :

    FearMongering, WarMongering, HateMongering, RaceMongering pour la entrée

    Hate Against Abortions Doctors for Main Course

    Then there is a lot of DebtMongering and DeficitMongering for Dessert

    How can you recover an Economy where nobody wants to spend ??
    When there is no demand ??

    Only by Government Spending !

    The Whole idea of Stimulus Package is SPENDING

    If you give a lot of Tax Cuts to the Rich they save .... Only the Poor have a high propensity to spending.

    The Key to Recovery and Reactivation is The Poor People, Minorities.

    They will spend any tax cut or any money paid for any work .... and that will begin to put oil in the economic machinery.

    The Rich have been earning a bigger and bigger part of the National Pie and the poor have become poorer and poorer.

    Obama is the end of this dispossession of the Poor.


    Vicente Duque

  • ASpence

    Wow, you are such an idiot.

    I am white, I voted for Obama, and I do not agree with his ridiculous amounts of spending. Am I racist because of that? I'm not even sure you know what 'racist' means. You just want to play the race card whenever someone opposes Obama's viewpoint. "Oh, well the real reason behind this protest isn't because you believe in keeping more of your own money to yourself, it's really because you hate black people."
    Is that really the best you can do? How many times are you going to use that as an excuse? And what about people like me, a white male who voted for him (or as you continuously point out - a black man), yet don't just blindly follow him because he can give a good speech?
    It's people like you who keep racism alive in this country, because it seems to be all you want to talk about, and you haphazardly throw it in the face of anyone who opposes Obama's policies.
    The fact of the matter is, I think I can better manage my own money than the government. Where you're trying to factor in race in this debate is beyond me, and anyone with any true intelligence.
    Your true ignorance is blatant and pathetic. Race has NOTHING to do with it! The only reason we're talking about it is because YOU brought it up! Please, before you retort, go back and try to find the real reason why there were tea parties. If you can't see the real reason for it (taxes) and just keep finding yourself going back to playing the race card because you just feel like you can somehow win an argument as long as you call someone a racist, then there isn't much hope for you. Either you were born a moron, or you learned to become one by listening to actors like Janine Garafalo, instead of forming your own opinion. You know, kinda like a sheep.

  • cda9er

    keep wasting your time...i watch foxnews because they actually talk about thigns that are happening now, not like your cnn and msnbc. grow a brain for two seconds, and stop believing the hype from cnn about the bias of foxnews (yeah, isn't that strange that other media outlets would paint them as moronic so they can gain viewership). read some books. listen to an entire speech made by someone who knows about what they talk about (Robert Gates, etc), and not just a clipped portion from MSNBC. if you have any idea of truth and morality, you will quickly realize that you are not on the higher ground on this issue. racism does exist, but, the people who are the most racist are the ones who try to use it to make others feel ashamed about racial issues, or blame white people for problems (janeane garofalo and wanda sykes, etc). i didn't vote for obama, and i would never vote for someone who so blatently misses on his ability to estimate (neither under nor OVER) their intelligence and abilities.
    read the news. use your brain.

  • Vicente Duque

    There is a way of Deceiving People, that is hiding the REAL IMPORTANT NEWS and filling the time with Racist Garbage and with Hate Rants against Minorities.

    Fox News pratices that Deception and Swindles us every time that we turn on the TV in this station.

    Injustice Served - The Murder of Luis Ramirez - CNN's Anderson Cooper is a gentleman. He is telling the story and not hiding the facts, that is what Fox News ( the Network of Racism and Intolerance ) does.

    Jeffrey Toobin, CNN Senior Legal Analyst
    John Amaya, Mexican American Legal Defense Fund
    With Anderson Cooper 360
    The Heinous Crime - Does Justice exist in this World ??

    The Brutal Beating and Kicking in the head against Luis Ramirez that produced his death on July of 2008. By a Gang of Football Players.

    These Coward Terrorists are criminal murderers and should not be free.

    May 05, 2009

    CNN analyst calls for federal hate crimes investigation
    By David Edwards

    Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak were acquitted of various state charges resulting from the beating and murder of Luis Ramirez. CNN legal analyst Jeffery Toobin is calling for a federal hate crimes investigation. The facts and circumstances of this case certainly call for at least a federal investigation because it is possible when a group of individuals are acquitted on state charges, that federal bias charges can be brought, explained Toobin.

    This video is from CNNs Anderson Cooper 360, broadcast May 4, 2009.

    I have been following the story with many videos, excerpts from newspaper articles and pointing to all the sources.


    Vicente Duque

  • Vicente Duque

    I love Janeane Garofalo and never miss her movies, since I saw the "Cats and Dogs" ..... She is so spontaneous, natural, human, in her movies she is a suffering human being but a loving one. She has to be a tender and loving person, that sees a fellow human in every other person, those things can not be feigned or faked.

    I am referring to Janeane Garofalo's first critically-acclaimed starring role in film was in 1996 in "The Truth About Cats & Dogs"

    I wrote a piece against Republicans but it may be exaggerated and unjust with the poor Republicans and the poor guys in TV that make a profitable business of attacking minorities.

    Please erase my post if it is offensive or unworthy of your excellent blog that I visit very frequently.


    The Vampire Dracula of Transylvania and the vampiresque Republican Party - Drinking the Blood of Youth - Immigration Reform

    The Vampire Dracula has a zombie life, he gets out of his tomb in the dungeons of the castle in order to drink blood and get some life out of it.

    Dracula can not drink the blood of old people, those that are sick and in Geriatric Homes or Gerontological Asylums. Those crippled and sick of old age in wheelchairs have a blood that is useless for the purposes of Dracula.

    Dracula needs the Hematocites and Leucocites of Young People, those in elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities.

    And the Republican Party is having a zombie life in its tomb, half death, half alive, and needs a "Common Enemy" and an "Enemy of America" in order to resurrect and have a "revival", a word that charms its very conservative and religious extremist base.

    America has millions of Decent, Noble and Kind People, Hearts of Gold, and they are the big majority, but there are many other losers that need hate as revenge for their failed lives.

    And what "Common Enemy" and "Enemy of America" can be the best for those racists, haters, losers and failed lives in the streets of America ??

    The Republican Party needs the Hate against Latinos in order to revive, revitalize and reinvigorate, for a "Republican Revival". That is the Blood of Youth, because Latinos are mostly in Elementary Schools, in High Schools, and now want Higher Education in Colleges and Universities.

    Latinos are "Youth Blood" and a big part of a Great Future for America. But Republicans want to drink that blood with their Racism and Hatred. Even if they expulse and evict those Youngsters out of America.

    So, Mr Obama should be careful not to paralyze Government and his Administration Legislative Agenda with a "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" because that is what these Merchants of Hatred in Racist TV want in order to agitate the masses of ignorants, of fools, idiots and losers, the boxes of Inferiority Complexes.

    The "Immigration Reform" would increase the profits of the Merchants of Hate, the Peddlers of Fear, in Racist TV.

    When you are a failure in life, nothing is better than to choose a defenseless victim and become a bully, then you are the Superior Race, and suddenly you got a lot value and self respect, even if you are trash.

    "Immigration Reform" is a "Pandora's Box" for Mr Obama, because there is too much Racism and Hatred. This needs a much more mature country, and a more mature Republican Party in times of Economic Prosperity and not of Economic Suffering.

    When the Republican Party has adults in it, when it is not led by the Media Racists of Histrionic Radio, and Histrionic TV, with ridiculous gestures and grimaces and tears, while crying "God !!!, God !!!, God !!"

    These TV Racists are like Hysterics and Possessed, the most Hypocrite People in the World, the masters of Hypocrisy. And they are the owners of "God".

    Let these Hypocrites TV anchors claim in the desert while there is no "Immigration Reform" until the day that there is more resposibility in Congress and the Economy is recovered, stable and strong.

    Sorry, but "Immigration Reform" is Kryptonite for Mr Obama and the Democratic Party.


    Vicente Duque

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