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The Right-Wing Media’s Swine Flu Fearmongering Extravanganza
Posted on May 5th, 2009 by ZP Heller

Media Matters put together a must-see compilation of the right-wing media’s fearmongering about swine flu. Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Neil Boortz, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage and the Fox News crew are always eager to manipulate the news to support their hate-filled xenophobia, so the swine flu epidemic has really kicked their anti-immigrant rhetoric into overdrive. The winner for the most absurd (and dispicable) attack I’ve heard so far has come from Savage, who claimed this was a terrorist attack planted in Mexico by Islamic fundamentalists.

At AlterNet, Joshua Holland gets into the dangers of the right-wing media using this crisis to peddle their hateful rhetoric.

According to Holland:

It would be easy to dismiss these ill-informed rants about immigration as unworthy of analysis because they’re shared by a very small (if very loud) minority of the population. But, as in Europe during the Middle Ages, this kind of hate talk can have deadly consequences.

Claims that Mexican immigrants (legal or otherwise) are disease-carrying pests aren’t merely offensive, they constitute “eliminationist rhetoric” — the idea that a group of people, usually portrayed as less than fully human, are destroying the country from within and need to be excised from the body politic.

In the four years between 2003 and2007 (the most recent year for which complete data are available), the FBI reported increases in hate crimes against Latinos year after year, and experts say the trend is continuing.

The Savages, Glenn Becks and Malkins of the right-wing media may be clownish, but to the extent that they’re helping shape a climate in which all people with an outward appearance similar to that of a migrant from south of the border face discrimination, if not outright peril, their shtick is anything but funny.

  • I study journalism in IRELAND and we still talk about Fox News on a weekly basis. The main points in these discussions revolve around the fact that if you want to be able to call yourself a journalist then don't leave university and work for Fox News.
    The reason why we use Fox News as an example is because there are no major media outlets in Ireland or The UK that distort the news like this.

    They make Americans look very stupid and gullible to many Europeans which is a shame because I know that this isn't true. We need to go back to the days of Cronkite and Bob Schiefer.

    I know you probably think that as a European this shouldn't concern me but it really does. America is the most powerful country in the world and I have seen firsthand the effects of Fox News fear mongering on people I know... A friend of my parents who is married to a French woman was living in the States, working as a journalist for The New Yorker in the months after the invasion of Iraq. Because of flawed reporting and hate spreading by Fox News about French people not supporting the war he and his wife felt the need to leave the States and come back to Dublin to work with The Irish Times. That is not an overstatement -believe me, I blame it fully on Fox and their affiliates.

    Is that something you want on your collective conscience America?

    Stop giving Fox your time, switch to PBS, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, CSPAN, read a newspaper for God's sake -Anything but Fox.

  • Vicente Duque

    Thanks for Defending Rationality, Kindness, and Humanity


    Fred Barnes becoming an Old Senile Silly Man, Very Gaga, almost Alzhemier like.

    I have an "Infallible Remedy" for Insomnia. Turn on the TV set on "Special Report" of Fox News with Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer.

    These are the most boring guys in the Whole World. I call them the Mummy and the Zombie, in that order. They seem to be covered with dust and cobwebs as if living in the house of Miss Havisham in the novel "Great Expectations" of Charles Dickens.

    And now Fred Barnes says that the success of Judge Sonia Sotomayor is due to "Affirmative Action" and he says that Imbecility with a lot of Derision and Despising that Lady, and feelings of superiority and self-satisfaction.

    Fortunatley there are Great Journalists and a President of Princeton University that show in Salon.com the Imbecility of Fred Gagá, Gagá, Gagá Barnes.

    Could you suggest a better lodging for Fred Barnes than the House of Miss Havisham, a house of Dust, Cobwebs, Old Furniture, Old Fashion, and Anger ( because Miss Havisham was very frustated, due to be left in Wedding Attire by her Fiancé )

    See all the Lapstick Comedy and the Clowns of this Episode here :


    Vicente Duque

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