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Fox Airs Bikini-Clad Miss California Photo During Speech on “Traditional Marriage”
Posted on May 5th, 2009 by newshounds

Oh, those family values folks at Fox News! On yesterday’s (4/30/09) Live Desk, Trace Gallagher and Julie Banderas were all agog over the prospect of Miss California, Carrie Prejean, speaking at the National Press Club on behalf of the conservative National Organization for Marriage. But Fox was obviously more interested in her view than her views. Because about a minute after Prejean started speaking, the screen split and a still photo of Prejean in a bikini, about twice the size of the real Prejean, appeared. It remained for the rest of the clip, about two more minutes. With video.

Before Prejean spoke, the banner on the screen read, “Miss CA speaks about supporting traditional marriage.” Fox News called its video “Following her Faith.” But clearly, Fox had something besides marriage and faith on its mind.

(Image after the flip.)


(Also on News Hounds)

  • Vicente Duque

    Beautiful girl, but she could be kinder and nobler.


    Watch the New Revamped Show of the Three Stooges at Fox News - Triple A schedule in the Evening - Enhanced Brutality

    I have been always a lover of the three stooges Larry, Moe, and Curly, and as a child I almost wept when I knew that they were very old and were going to retire because they were almost dying of old age.

    But enter Fox News and the New Show of the New Revamped Three Stooges, the NPT Stooges, they are Newt, Pat and Tom. The New replacement for the slapstick comedy.

    These idiots are as funny and violent as the Original Three stooges Larry, Moe and Curly.

    As the original stooges, Newt, Pat and Tom are extremely sadistic and cruel, but the blows with hands, fists and objects have been replaced with blows and aggressions against other special people.

    The sadism, cruelty and bastardy has even been increased and enhanced.

    The show operates like this : The three idiots are presented as Great Intellectuals and Men of Great Wisdom and Great Authors, but they are always repeating the same Hate Line or Fear Lines, and it is completely predictable what they are going to say.

    It is like the Original Three Stooges, where you could easily predict the blows and throwing of objects and the physical cruelty of the slapstick comedy.


    Vicente Duque

  • You hit the bull's eye here. Hidden "motive"..yes. (lol)

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