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Beck and O’Reilly Admit They Can’t Prove Anything on ACORN…but They’re Still Tryin’
Posted on June 10th, 2009 by newshounds

On Thursday, June 4, 2009, Glenn Beck devoted his entire show to attacking ACORN with what seemed to be reruns of past segments. But – lo and behold! – the show also included Beck’s get-together with BFF Bill O’Reilly from May 28 in which they seemed to finally be admitting that their evidence of any ACORN badness is pretty thin. But they didn’t let little details like lack of proof or factual verification stand in the way of a good smear. Beck even threw the Obamas into it, while also admitting it was pure speculation. Rock on!

Most real journalists catch wind of some corruption or something out of whack with some company or organization, do some investigating, and then, if it proves there’s something there, report on it. But Beck and O’Reilly, along with many of the Fox Newsies, have decided, for whatever reason (bigotry, desire to keep the minorities powerless, greed, pick one or all), that ACORN is corrupt (see my previous posts here, here and here). And, having made that decision, they reported on it. Then they belatedly tried to investigate it and got nowhere. And they reported on it some more. So, they then had ACORN people on to talk about it, got nowhere, but kept reporting on it. Now, according to them, the only way they’re going to get their proof of ACORN’s corruption is if ACORN provides it to them by opening its books. Remind me again why ACORN – or any right-minded organization – would do that? (Beck also admitted, however, that they might be able to prove something if some other news organizations were to join forces with FOX in its vendetta – basically do the heavy lifting.)

O’Reilly pontificated that President Obama “got into the Chicago left-wing machine of which ACORN is a part . . . .”

“Yes, Jeremiah Wright,” Beck helpfully interjected.

“That’s when you saw Reverend Wright,” O’Reilly trudged on, “When you saw the other nuts from the Weather Underground, he was in there. Now, some people believe that he believes the way they do, some people believe that. Some people say, ‘No, he was just using them to advance his career.’” I’m not gonna argue whether President Obama had dealings with Ayers or ACORN or not – I happen to believe that, even if President Obama had involvement with ACORN, so what? He was a community organizer; ACORN is the largest grassroots community organization in the country. And Bill Ayers, former radical or not, is a well-respected, nationally known educator.

“That stuff is riddled in his past,” Beck said indignantly. “And his wife is much more . . . I do, I don’t have any evidence, it’s what I believe.” Rock on!

“But you can’t prove . . . .” O’Reilly interjected.

“Bill, I don’t think anybody is going to be able to prove any of this stuff until the media pressure becomes so overwhelming that this organization cracks open,” Beck said earnestly.

“This theory . . . didn’t come from the right, it came from people inside of ACORN. They are left, they’re left, they’re inside,” Beck insisted. But if you have these “inside” contacts, how come all you can do is speculate? Could it be because these “inside contacts” are two disgruntled, not very forthcoming former ACORN board members who filed a lawsuit against ACORN without authorization? Could it be because you use people like Anita Moncrief – who never even worked for ACORN and was fired from Project Vote for theft – as a credible source? And isn’t it a bit of circular logic for you guys to rely on a thief like Moncrief to prove ACORN is corrupt, but you call ACORN corrupt because it has employees who stole from it by engaging in voter registration fraud?

“But it’s the bigger picture of how powerful are these people, what is their intent?” O’Reilly speculated, then, answering his own question, “I’ll tell you what their intent is – to make us into Denmark, to make us into a cradle-to-grave entitlement where everybody has the same, take from Beck and O’Reilly, give to Lenny and Squiggy, that’s what they want. Now if Lenny and Squiggy are heroin addicts, who cares? It doesn’t matter, you take from the people who work hard, you give to the layabouts.” O’Reilly, here’s a tip, for future reference: If you want to avoid being called “racist” and “bigot,” you might want to re-think that whole “poor people are heroin addicts and layabouts” thing.

And then Beck engaged in his closing monologue which seemed to be contemporaneous (not included in the video below): “ACORN fell . . . right into our view during the campaign. Accusations of voter fraud raised a lot of eyebrows, they had a lot of coverage and they weren’t too happy about it.” (Emphasis mine). Should I erect a billboard across the street from Fox News? It’s VOTER. REGISTRATION. FRAUD. As far as we know, nobody voted fraudulently as a result of fraudulent registration. Mickey Mouse didn’t show up with an ID and cast a vote.

Beck went on to say, “For many of our competitors on other networks, the election and inauguration of Barack Obama put the ACORN story to bed. Perhaps it’s hibernating in the halls of NBC and CBS and the NY Times [if so, maybe Fox should follow suit] – they don’t seem to have any real interest in learning the truth about who’s behind this organization and how corrupt it may be.”

“I guess . . . they don’t really care about how this organization hopes to change the way this country exists,” Beck continued earnestly. “Well, I do care. Fox cares. I think you care. Our efforts have led to accusations of racism . . . whatever. Left-wingers and ACORN supporters have accused us of covering the story to fire up your anger, and, you know, hope to get better ratings . . . whatever. All the charges that really have no merit. But the best offense is a good offense – for me, uncovering the truth is really all that matters here. Seeking the truth is all the justification that we need. For those who question our agenda, I offer this: We’ll continue to investigate.

“ACORN, open the books, let us see all of the tentacles, ignore our calls, fail to answer our questions if you want, stand in our way if you have to, but getting between Americans and the truth is not really a good place to be, because Americans will finally get the truth.”

Comment: I’m really impressed by how boldly you asked ACORN to throw open its books so you can hope to be able to prove something they MIGHT have done that you’ve already reported that they DID however many times – and now you need ACORN itself to help you pull your story from the ashes? You know, there’s a big difference between uncovering the truth and manufacturing what you want the truth to be – and at this point, you guys must be pretty desperate to uncover something or you’re gonna look like terrified, up-the-creek-without-a-paddle fools.

All in a day’s work on Fox News. Rock on.

(Also on News Hounds)

  • Guest

    so they talk crap, agree with each other, make it sound rational, and they so easily get away with it, and the sad thing is some people are actually so gullible it doesn't even occur to them that may actually be making things up

  • Big Mike

    OH MY GOSH Beck and O’Reilly admit they can’t prove anything on ACORN yet they are still Trying!!! WHAT BIGOTS!!!!

  • jonas

    Lets see...The Democrats supported slavery. The Democrats fought AGAINST civil rights. The Democrats wanted minorities to be enslaved to welfare. The Democrats support Abortion, which has a large percentage of minorities getting abortions(Google the name Margaret Sanger).

    And yet...Republicans are the racisits

  • oop_master

    "Lets see...The Conservatives supported slavery. The Conservatives fought AGAINST civil rights."
    Fixed. Let it be known that the "Democrat" and "Republican" parties have sub-sections of their own, and even so, are not the same as the parties that existed in Lincoln's time.

    I wonder why strongly Liberal Democrat, much more sexually active societies such as France and Japan have much lower teen pregnancy and abortion rates per capita than the United States. This is especially troublesome considering the huge Republican Conservative influence in the U.S. when, according to users like you, its Democrats who support abortion.

  • Zeekeybomb

    Wait...what? Enslaved to welfare? No, no, no welfare is supposed to help people if they dont get enough income to support their families. You see, I put my money on this: if a republican candidate suddenly lost all of his money and fortune and was left homeless, in a whiplash he would be voting for the morally correct liberal agenda. This is because conservatives just use "enslaved by welfare" as a pathetic facade for their true intentions, widening the income gap and making sure their firm aristocracy remains above the needs of the common man.

  • luckyg

    Idont know why bill O reilly sean hannity and glenn beck have shows all they do is attack obama on everything they never went afther bush this way thay are racist and dont know it
    the only reason they wont to shut down acorn is so they can stop them from signing up young democratic voters who are black and latino

  • Jack Ettinger

    im not defending sean or bill but glenn did insult bush and just because Obama is black doesnt mean if glenn disagrees with him they are racists

  • Name

    This is a pretty pathetic site........so are the comments made on it

  • Vicente Duque

    Fox News and Child Killers :

    Mike Huckabee is very prominent in Fox News, Tom Tancredo has also been called as a "Great Expert", and other "Intellectual" Racists like Jim Gilchrist of the Minutemen

    Great Friends of Minutemen and Jim Gilchrist : Lou Dobbs, Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee - Great Tight Relationships

    The Long Island Wins Blog

    Some excerpts :

    For example, FOX News and Lou Dobbs have had Gilchrist on as a spokeperson for Minuteman and have highlighted him as an "expert" on a variety of immigration-related topics. Here, for example, is a Lou Dobbs appearance by Gilchirist in which he is held out as an expert on undocumented immigrant demography! The appearance came soon after Gilchrist's book came out and Dobbs celebrates his friend's success saying "Jim, I want to congratulate you on your book, an important book".

    That book, Minutemen:The Battle to Secure America's Borders , was published in 2006 with a forward by Congressman Tom Tancredo.

    " When the call to arms is heeded, and a little girl is murdered as collateral damage, where is Lou Dobbs to dis-endorse this "important book"?

    The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) put Gilchrist's opus on its short list of recomended books for movement activists.

    As for FOX News, here is Gilchrist being interviewed by Neil Cavuto about hate crimes aganst the Minutemen!

    And then there is the fact that three Republican presidential candidates solicited the endorsement of Jim Gilchrist with Mike Huckabee emerging with the coveted imprimatur of the Minuteman leader.

    Huckabee's elation over the Minuteman's backing gained Gilchrist even more attention, this msnbc interview, for instance. And with Huckabee's fawning solicitude, Gilchrist was elevated in the national spotlight beyond the dark regions of FOX and Lou Dobbs. For example, here is the major attention given to the story by The Washington Post:

    Mike Huckabee, under fire for some of his immigration stands while governor of Arkansas, picked up an endorsement in Council Bluffs, Iowa, from the ultimate illegal immigration opponent: Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, the group that has roamed the border for the last several years operating effectively as an independent border patrol.

    President Bush called the group "vigilantes" two years ago. But Huckabee seemed eager to announce the endorsement, as it came on a day when former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney started running an ad that slams Huckabee for backing a provision that would have allowed the children of illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition in Arkansas.

    "Frankly, Jim I've got to tell you there were times in the early days of the Minutemen I thought what are these guys doing, what are they about," Huckabee said. "I confess I owe you an apology." He said of Gilchrist, "nobody can question his commitment to his country."

    Gilchrist, an ally of the candidate who has been most anti-illegal immigration in the GOP field, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, said his endorsement of Huckabee stemmed from the former governor's recent statements on the issue, particularly a plan that Huckabee put out last week that would require illegal immigrants country in the country to go to their country of origin before trying to return. The plan also would build a border fence and increase fines on employers who hire illegal immigrants, similar to proposals offered by some of Huckabee's opponents in the GOP nomination process.

    "It was a plan I myself could have written," said Gilchrist, who noted the Huckabee campaign reviewed the proposal with him before it was released.

    So Gilchrist was so central to the anti-immigrant movement that eighteen months ago a major Republican presidential candidate had to pre-clear his immigration plan with Gilchrist


    Vicente Duque

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